Channel is a way for a Wutch to communicate to you, reporting changes on tracked websites, or other information related to the operations of your Wutches.

After you sign up, email you provided will be used as a default notification channel. It's also possible to set up additional channels, if that's more convenient. Setting up new channels enables additional ways of receiving updates, such as Telegram.

Available notification channels

Currently, Wutch supports posting updates via Email and Telegram. More integrations are under consideration at the moment. Visit our suggestion and feedback board to let us know what other ways of retrieving updates might be a good use for you.

Creating a new channel

Additional channels allows you to use different email address or sending updates to someone not having an access to your Wutch account. In general, creating a channel is a two-step procedure, starting with configuring new channel details and then proceeding with its activation.

Setting up a Telegram notification channel

  • Open Notification Settings
  • Click Add new Channel to open new channel wizard
  • Choose Telegram at the first step
  • Choose a channel's name, for example: "Price updates", "Mike's tgram"
  • Click "Ok" to confirm channel creation.
    • This will also generate special activation link. Please, ensure that you're logged in with desired Telegram account before following it. You can also send the link to another Telegram user, so that they will receive the updates.
  • On a new channel item, click the activation link
    • This action will trigger an attempt to open a Telegram application. If you don't have a Telegram app on your device, you could just send the link to your device which have Telegram app available.
  • A new chat with our Telegram bot (@wutch_bot) will open in the application
  • Click "Start" in the bottom of the chat
  • If everything is set up correctly, you'll receive a message from @wutch_bot that your notifications channel set up is complete. It should typically arrive within 30 seconds.
  • When creating new Wutches, new channel will be available on the Channel Selection screen.

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