Wutches are fiends devoted to visiting web pages and checking certain values on them. Each Wutch represents a single tracker for certain website, running to extract a specific value from it.

Wutch Configuration

To operate, Wutch needs to know a couple of things:

  • the full address (URL) of the page, including all the nitty-gritty unreadable tails put there by developers
  • the special handle (CSS Selector) of the element on the page to check

Both of these could be specified either manually, or with the help of our browser extension. You'll need these values only for the initial configuration, and then Wutch will just proceed endlessly visiting the page, checking for changes.


Wutch can go almost anywhere your browser can. There're, however, certain limitations:

  • Wutch can not log in to websites on your behalf

    However, this feature is under consideration right now and may be available in future. You could track it on our Suggestions Board.

  • Wutch is a robot, so it won't pass "Not a Robot" tests

    Things like ReCaptcha and alike are out of our reach, for now.

  • Some websites implement bot detection mechanisms to prevent automated content extraction

    This may include User-Agent and Browser features detection to prevent unauthorized use. This is a highly dynamic field with new methods and mechanics emerging on a regular basis. We do our best to keep up with the game.

  • Some websites have highly dynamic internal structure, which changes when new content added to the site

    This may prevent Wutch from "recognizing" the element it should use to extract content from.

Next up:

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